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. that could be something he might do. there are apparently some provisions in german law if he came here and testified before a germ parliamentary inquiry committee which is something the german parliament set up, apparently there is a paragraph in the law that would not allow germany to then extradite that person to another country. there might be some sort of provisions, some ways to work that. honestly the german government would probably do everything to try and prevent that. german officials have been saying go enand again, they're very, very angry but want to clarify the situation. they want an apology from the u.s. and want to move on. they certainly don't want edward snowden to become an issue between the two countries. right now, even his lawyer says with things the way they are right now, he would advise his client to stay in russia, suzanne seve fred pleitgen in germany. just a point of clarification. mr. sfroebler is not the foreign minister. we had that on screen. he's a member of the opposition green party, a bit of a maverick in the german parliament. just want a clarifica
in the exchange? you're in charge of this law. why aren't you in the exchange? >> because i'm part of the federal employee health plan. >> why won't you go into the exchange? you're literally in charge of this law. should you be any different than all the other americans how the out there losing health insurance today? >> i'm part of the 95% with affordable available health coverage as are most of your colleagues in this room. >> most americans it isn't available to them. >> i am not eligible for the exchange because i have coverage. >> you can decide to drop your coverage of your employer. you have the choice to decide not to the choose. >> that is not true, sir. >> i chose not to go. >> members of congress are now part of the exchange, thanks to an aext added by congress. i'm not eligible. if i have the affordable coverage in my workplace, i'm not eligible to go into the marketplace. >> with all due respect, madame secretary, i would encourage you to be just like the american people and enter the exchange and agree 0 find a way. >> it's illegal. >> i would like to show you an advertisement goin
? they work pretty closely. the fbi's charged with domestic law enforcement, if you will. the nsa has a worldwide responsibility. the nsa provides information to the fbi which the fbi can then follow up on if they have some indication there may be a terrorist plot under way in the united states, they would give that information to the fbi. the fbi would thin pursue it and see if there's something really there or not there. but they work closely together. one of the big problems before 9/11 was there wasn't enough coordination between the left-hand of the u.s. government and the right hand of the u.s. government. after 9/11 they did implement much greater coordination. as a result the nsa, the cia, other law enforcement, whether military and, of course, the fbi, department of homeland security, they worked much more closely together and there's a director of national intelligence hogs now oversees all 16 different u.s. intelligence agencies. as a result, they're supposedly do things a lot more coordinated and a lot better way. >> would he have, thanks so much. and to remind the viewers
's signature health care law, welcome to, everyone, this is "around the world" and a special welcome to our international viewers joining us all of this week. i'm michael holmes. >> i'm hala gorani. we'll have a lot more on the obama carrollout and some of the issues they've had with the website, of course. but for now, let's, as i was saying, moving on there to president obama's signature health care law under fire at a congressional hearing right now. >> yeah, and today we actually heard an apology. this from the administrator whose agency oversaw the creation of the enrollment website, the centers for medicare and medicaid services. have a listen. >> consumers are eager to purchase this coverage. and to the millions of american who have attempted to use healthcare.gov to shop and enroll in health care coverage, i want to apologize to you the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. i want to assure you healthcare.gov can and will be fixed. we are working around the clock to deliver the experience that you deserve. we are seeing im
's apartment just a little sooner, the attack might have been stopped. cnn's law enforcement analyst ton fuentes joins us now. i know this is an unusual situation. it's not often that police have that kind of window, that amount of time to intervene in potential lay deadly shooting scenario. what was the text message and what was the warning? >> well, i think, suzanne, from what they're saying about it, is that police were notified there was something wrong with him, and they should check on his well-being. or he had said in his messages, that something bad was going to happen. now imagining or speculating about what the police would do, had they gotten to his apartment before he left and, find if he a apeered healthy, normal and was fairly articulate, i don't know what the next step would have or could have been for the police beyond that. other than to call the parents back and say we checked on him and he's fine. an then he's doing fine and normal. just depressed or upset. you know, like many people often are. i don't know if there was anything in the messages to tell the police he ha
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5